Our warranty is as functional and reliable as our products. We design and manufacture our products to provide you with sustained satisfaction and all Aeroflex® products are guaranteed for material and workmanship defects.

In the unlikely event of a quality problem caused by an unjustified material or workmanship defect, we will promptly repair your product at our expense or replace it if it cannot be repaired. All we require is that you return the footwear with the sales slip proof of purchase to the store where you made your purchase and the store attendant will take care of your claim within a reasonable period of time. If you bought your product on our online store Afx.co, you must send it to the sender address with a letter explaining the reason for the change.

Our guarantee is not unconditional or indefinite for the life of the product. Aeroflex® products are made from the finest materials available under rigorous manufacturing standards supported by our ISO 9001:2015 management system certified by BUREAU VERITAS QUALITY INTERNATIONAL.

Our products are guaranteed for 90 calendar days following purchase date, for legally required product suitability, quality and/or safety conditions. Nonetheless, our products are not indestructible and therefore our warranty does not cover damage resulting from abuse, miss-treatment, improper use a or normal wear and tear.

Stanton SAS will have the right in cases where the warranty applies, to repair or replace the product. The response time will be a maximum of 15 business days after the request. The product for guarantee must be presented in perfect clean conditions at the time of delivery.

Give proper care and maintenance to your Aeroflex® products and enjoy it. It’s an excellent quality product.

Genuine Leather

Aeroflex® products use the latest state of the art technology leathers with the best quality specifications. Nevertheless, all leathers require proper care and maintenance in order to sustain a good performance and appearance.Because leather is an animal byproduct you can expect to find slight surface imperfections and color shade differences as a normal occurrence.